Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our FAQ information helps you navigate through the SAGE e-bouquet platform.

What is the SAGE e-bouquet?

SAGE e-bouquet is a premium library offering ebooks on creative strategies and management ideas to help you do your job better. Our books are aimed at helping you upgrade your knowledge so that you can keep pace with the rapidly changing VUCA world, and getting successful. SAGE e-bouquet meets the information and learning needs of corporate houses and supports research & learning across the organization. The platform is structured to provide content that complements multiple skill-development needs of an organization, such as:

If you need more information about SAGE e-bouquet , please browse the platform or write to us

What are the features available on the SAGE e-bouquet?

The key features of the platform are:

How do I use the SAGE e-bouquet?

If you have subscribed the eBooks on SAGE e-bouquet, here is what you need to do:

What are the various purchasing options on this platform?

An organization can purchase a single or multiple title with minimum 50 user licensees. By pick and choose option you can create your own custom library for your employees. Post submission of the selected titles, our sales team would connect with the custom quote for your selection. You may connect with our sales team at for exciting package deals.

Is there any limit of User Access?

Yes. Buy as little as 50 licenses for eBook(s). No upper limit on how many licenses or eBooks can be purchased.

What is the method of payment?

No payments shall be made or accepted online. All payments shall be made and received offline after due formalities. You may connect with our sales team at for exciting package deals.

I am a business professional. Can I purchase eBook(s) on this platform for my personal use?

No. This platform is for bulk sale. Individuals can purchase eBook(s) via different platform and can write to us directly at

Can I download eBook(s) to my iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nook, or other mobile device?

Yes, you can download it to your device. The downloaded data is encrypted and cannot be used outside the app.

When I’m not in my office, can I still read the eBook(s)?

Yes. You can download your eBook to your mobile/tablet. Once you have downloaded your eBook, you can read it anywhere you like.

Can I add notes or highlights the content?

Yes. You need to select the content that you want to add notes to or highlight and choose one of the three options available Highlights/ Note/Web Search.

Can I Increase the Font of eBook(s)?

Yes. You need to click the symbol “TT” to increase or decrease the font as required.

Can I download eBook(s) to my Kindle?

No, you can not download it to your Kindle.

Can I download my eBook to more than one device?

Yes, you can download on four devices with every license purchased.

Can I open e-bouquet simultaneously on four devices?

You can open e-bouquet on four devices simultaneously and access the eBooks assigned to you. You will have to download the eBooks on each device separately. The notes/highlights created by you would be available across the devices once these are all synced

How long does it take to download an eBook?

It depends on the size of the eBook and speed of your internet connection.

How many times can I download my eBook?

There is no limit on downloading eBooks.

How long do I have access to the eBook(s) that purchased by my company?

You continue to have access to the eBook(s) in perpetuity.

I am having trouble finding and downloading the SAGE e-bouquet app on my mobile/tablet. How do I get help?

Please use SUPPORT option of the platform to get help.

Can I print, copy and save my eBook(s)?

No, you can not print, copy or save your eBook(s).

Disclaimer: You are not permitted to print, copy, save, and share the content of your eBook(s) of this platform. Misuse of the content downloaded on your devices will be a violation of the agreement signed by you/your organisation.

May I share my eBook(s) with others?

No, you can not share your eBook(s) with others.

What if I change my computer/hand devices?

You need to inform us using the support option that your mobile device has changed. If you have changed your mobile number or new email id has been configured, then we need to migrate your account to the new email id.

Can I keep the eBook(s) forever?

Yes, you can keep the eBook(s) forever since you have subscribed for perpetual license.

How do I get help if I have a problem?

By contacting us using the using the support option of the platform.

I would like to write a feedback for the SAGE e-bouquet. Who can I contact regarding this?

We appreciate comments and feedback from our customers. If you want to write to us about this platform, write to us